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Aide>About Pantek Automation > web site web site a web site dedicated to global industrial enterprise solutions. was created to offer 24 hours per day, a large virtual display, totally dedicated to High tech products in industrial information, automation, networks and manufacturing technology arena. It is possible to get quick access to any of the product presented on the site and to get a complete and detailed information’s on them. A large number of products are forsale directly online. In addition numerous commercial, technical and diverse documentations are available for direct download. was created taking into account three essential ideas.

  • A compete and diverse catalogue proposing today 5 categories, automation, industrial display, industrial communication, software, peripherals, and industrial PCs.
  • Simple access and ease of use with a natural and intuitive architecture to allow visitors find what they are looking for, without browsing numerous pages and in a minimum number of clicks. For new visitors, an on-line help is also available with large numbers of informations to find answers to any types of questions
  • Quality of customer support: Satisfaction of our customers is an essential topic for Pantek Automation. Contains of our web site has been created with extremely professionals editorialist all specialized in their field. Our Engineers in each application domain are here to help you implement the solutions and systems that we sell. Moreover the purchase on of our product on line allows our customer to benefit of a free 24 months hotline to help you start up and launch you project without trouble. Identity

Company name : Pantek Automation SAS
Type :  Société par Actions Simplifiée
Capital : 38112,25 Euros
Company creation date : September 1997
Site name :
Headquarters address : 11 rue de Courtalin - Bat B
77700 Magny le Hongre
Phone : 01 64 63 40 28
Fax : 01 64 63 83 75
Opening Web site date : December 1997
Siret N° : 413 890 591 00030
VAT N° : FR05 413 890 591

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Pantek AirSys SAS
Val d'Europe Park
11B rue de Courtalin - Magny le Hongre
77700 Marne La Vallée
Tél: +33(0)1 64 63 40 28 
Fax: +33(0)1 64 63 83 75 

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