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ESA Remote Access
You can now monitor your production plants at all times, without geographical limitations and in complete security.With the ESA Remote Access application, you simply need an Internet connection to monitor an industrial plant from any part of the world without any restrictions whatsoever. Malfunctions and temporary downtime can cause considerable production loss. Machinery often needs to be serviced as soon as possible to avoid vast expense: with ESA Remote Access you can arrange maintenance or resolve any problems with plants directly even when you are not at the premises, without wasting time and need for travel. You can use ESA Remote Access on an ordinary PC to connect to and interact with your plants as you would normally at the operator panel, and therefore check them and act accordingly. It is possible, for example, to view trends, production data and alarms at several production sites, upload or amend recipes, run scripts, view images from cameras connected to the panel and much more besides. Full support for connection to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), company LANs and the Web ensures ESA Remote Access can be used in any situation, meeting your every need.

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