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The IT series implements advanced interfaces for data export , along to the USB Device port for programming, and an Ethernet port also for LAN connection. The IT107T is equipped with a TFT display with 65.000 colours, 640x480 resolution, that, in combination with the maximum interface configuration, offer a cost effective solution with a high performance product. The IT series maximize the Polymath functional and programming benefits. The advanced functions included in the software are able to manage:

  • USB A for report printing and data import/export on USB Key
  • USB B for programming
  • Ethernet 10/100 for report printing and data import/export on a PC
  • Secure Digital slot for report printing and data import/export on a standard SD
  • SP1 and SP2 ports for serial communication, with double driver, most common devices (MPI included)
  • IT107T - Touch Screen operator terminal, display 640 x 480, 65.000 colors, 7,5" TFT

    With this system, any printer or serial reader can be connected to the COM0 port of the IT terminals without requesting the development of a dedicated driver. The IT107T terminal equipped with COM0 port is also able to interact, using the same principle, with custom equipment like dedicated electronics for the axis control or with instruments like encoders.

    In a productive process, the IT solution with COM0 port allows to resolve multiple problems; for example, it is possible to network connect different panels involved in the process and dedicated to different mansions like:
  • IT COM0 + Badge Reader: allows to automatically open and close a job order by reading the name of the person involved, directly from the smart card
  • IT COM0 + Bar code Reader: automatically ties, through the bar code reading of the work card, the job order with the client and the interested operator
  • IT COM0 + Serial printer: allows to print at batch end, the data relating to the production operations, like quantity of pieces produced and detail of the work times.
  • The IT107T platform increases also connectivity by integrating on board tthe CAN Open, Profibus DP 12 and

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